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   Dogan Alumni Association 

    Home of the Dogan Wildcats 

The 2023 Dogan Alumni Association Next Reunion: 1-day event is scheduled for Saturday, July 8, 2023.

Membership Dues and Scholarship Donations are being accepted.

Save the Date!

Willis, Clifton Ray

Willis-Dean, Bobbie Jean

Willis, Dennis

Willis Dickens, Pearline

Willis, Eberteen

Willis, Eddie Lee

Willis, Ervin Jr.

Willis, Ervin Sr.

Willis-Holleman, Iva Mae

Willis Hailey, Ivy Lou

Willis, Issom Sr.

Willis James, Gwen

Willis, J. W.

Willis, Jerome

Willis, Judy

Willis Lee Andrew

Willis Maurice

Willis, Mildred

Willis, Nathaniel

Willis, Sarah

Willis Sims, Laura

Willis, Travis

Willis, W.B.

Woodard, Earl Lee

Woodard, David Jr.

Woodard, Dudley

Woodard, Hubbie

Woodard Jones, Aggie

Woodard, Oscar

Woodard, Rodger Lee

Yeldell, Aubrey

Yeldell, Billy Ray

Yeldell, Lou Ann

Yeldell, Walter

Yeldell-Washington, Mary

Zimmerman, Ulysses