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Mayes Davis, Gloria

Mayes, Harvell

Mayes, Paul Lawrence

Mayes, Roscoe

McCullough, Kenneth

McDaniel, Rudolph

McElroy Brackens, Mattie F.

McElroy Carter, Johnnie Mae

McGee, Alton

McGee, Alvin "Bubby"

McGee, Frederick

McGee Willis, Mae Ruth

McGee, Mary Ida

McIlveen Banks, Minnieola

McIlveen, Alvin

McIlveen, Fredrick Jr.

McIlveen, James Milford

McIlveen, James Wendell

McIlveen, Clifford Lincoln

McIlveen, Swanson

McIlveen, William, Jr.

McIlveen, William, Sr.

McShan, Leonard Gene

Mims-Solomon, Atherilla

Mims, Cedric

Mims–Moody Lee, Ella Mae

Mims, Lafalia

Mims, Vern Dell

Mitchell, Morris L

Morton, James Edward

Morton, Marcellus Jr. “Mancie”

Morton, Marcellus Sr.

Morton-Young, Mary (D.D.)

Nolan, Billy Joe

Nolan, Dwight

Nolan, Jeanette

Nolan, Johnny Hubert

Nolan, Lura Mae

Nolan-Smith, Joyce

Norris-Lezine, Gloria Janell "Tiny"

Norris-Peters, Verge

Osbome, Lula Yeldell

Overton, Cynthia

Owens Burns, Genetter

Owens, George Curtis

Owens, Willie David

Owens-Solomon, Vesta

Packer, Carolyn

Packer, Herman

Packer, Joyce Polk

Packer, Lloyd

Packer, Willie A.

Parks Love, Cordie Mae

Perkins, Lena

Polk, Clarence

Polk, Cliffie

Polk, Freddie Mae

Presley, Johnny

Preston Canady, Dorothy

Preston, Curtis Jr.

Preston, Fredelene

Preston, Henry Lee

Preston Lee Albert

Preston, Leon

Preston Nealy, Velma

Preston Polk, Trucee

Preston, Willie Arthur

Price, Clarence

Price, Richard

Proctor, Debra L.

Proctor, Faye

Proctor Moore, Frankie Jean

Proctor, Gladys

Proctor Taylor, Sena Mae

Proctor Johnson, Velma

Ransom Jones, A. Crysteen

Ransom, Harris Lonnie

Ransom, Joe Lee

Ransom, Johnny Lee

Ransom, Leslie

Ransom, Odell

Ransom, Walter

Ransom-Henderson, Ella

Richard Sandles, Shirley

Rischer, Bobby

Rischer, Ivory Joe

Rischer, Joe Winston

Rischer-Simpson, Mary

Rischer, Sylvester, Jr.

Robinson, Curtis

Robinson, Melvin

Ross Cook, Joann

Sanford Warren, Amelia

Small, Herman

Small, Lendell

Small, Leodis

Smith Titus, Bernice

Smith, Joyce Nolan

Smith, W.M.

Sneed, Clifton

Sneed, Deree

Sneed, Jimmy Lee

Sneed, L. B.

Sneed, Wiley Jr.

Solomon, Adam

Solomon Rischer, Callie M.

Solomon, Louis

Solomon, Willie D.

Spence, Robert E.

Steward, Joe Lewis

Stratford, Billie Edward

Stratford, Kinsey Lee

Stradford, L. B.

Stradford, Murford Cecil

Stratford, George

Stratford Gipson, Yvonne

Sweeney, James

Talley, Joel B.

Tatum, Howard

Tatum, James

Thomas, Julius

Thomas, Willie J.

Thompson, Pinkie Lee

Thompson, Virgie Ray

Titus Cox, Catherine

Titus, Cornelius

Titus, Earnestine

Titus, Jeremiah Jr.

Titus, Lafundus

Titus, McArthur

Titus, Rene'

Titus, Toussaint

Titus, Wilbur Thurkield

Titus, Willie L.V. "Tom"

Tucker, Morris

Turner Cooper, Annie Lee

Turner Daniels English, Jerrell L

Turner Fantroy, Melissa

Turner, Glad

Turner, Hugh Edward "Skeet"

Turner, J.C., Jr.

Turner, Leon

Turner, Marvin

Turner Mims, Medcurdee

Turner, Norwood

Turner, O. D.

Turner, T. J., Jr.

Wade, Clayton

Wade, Roy

Walker Daniels, Carolyn

Walker, David

Walker, Earl Dean

Walker-Jones, Mary

Ward, Wayne

Ware, Robert L.

Warren, William James

Washington Brackens, M.M.

Washington, Booker T. Jr.

Washington, Charles

Washington, Cornell

Washington-Dunbar, Mary O.

Washington, Eddie

Washington, Ernest Charles

Washington Jackson, Earnestine "Bama"

Washington McGee, Elvia Cornelius

Washington, Freddie D.

Washington, James Lee

Washington, John W.”J.W.”

Washington, Morris “Jab”

Washington, Shirley

Washington, Young

Watson, Gatson

Watson, Girlie

Watson-Smith, Gertie

Wells, Clifton Ray

White, Elvia N.

White, Fredrick

White, Kenneth

White-McElroy, Lovie Lois

White, Sherman

White, Theodore Jr.

Whitehead Willis, Esther

Wilkins, Ira Lee

Wilkins, Jesse

Williams, Artis

Williams, Esther Pearl

Willis, Cecil Bradford Sr.

Willis, Clifton Ray