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   Dogan Alumni Association 

    Home of the Dogan Wildcats 


The 2020 Dogan Christmas Party that was to be hosted by the Fairfield Chapter has been postponed.

The 2021 Dogan Alumni Association Reunion has been postponed.

Both events will be rescheduled at a later date.


Bonner, C.N.

Bonner, Emma

Bonner, James L.

Burleson, Alma

Canady, Dorothy

Carden, Leophia

Cox, Catherine

Davis, Arthur

Donahue, Mae V.

Durham, Era Lee

Foreman, R. B.

Frazier Lewis, Essie

Frazier, Ruth Jo

Gibson, Adam

Golden, Minnie Lee

Green-Proctor, Patsy

High, James L., Sr.

Jackson Santee, Glendora

Johnson, Dorsey Frazier

Johnson, Edward, Sr.

Johnson, Inez

Johnson, Lura

Johnson, Mellonee Hill

Johnson, Pauline

Johnson, Bertha Mosely

Jones, Catherine A.

Love, Idella Allen

McBay, Dorothy Oneita

McIlveen, Eva Lois

McIlveen, Frederick

Packer, Lamar

Patterson, Vivian

Polk, Claude H.

Powers, Catherine Bailey

Proctor, Patsy

Satchell, Equilla

Snipes, Myrtle

Titus, Randolph

Williams, Virvus

Winfield, Rhoetta