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   Dogan Alumni Association 

    Home of the Dogan Wildcats 


The 2020 Dogan Christmas Party that was to be hosted by the Fairfield Chapter has been postponed.

The 2021 Dogan Alumni Association Reunion has been postponed.

Both events will be rescheduled at a later date.

Dorham, Van

Durham, Billy Ray

Durham, Henry

Durham, Jim

Durham, Johnny Lee

Durham, Morris

Durham, Tommy Joe “Pin”

Eatmon - Owens, Earline

Eatmon, Buford Clarence

Eatmon, Carl Dean

Eatmon, Curtis Jr.

Eatmon Reynolds, Evie Jean

Eatmon, Haywood J.

Ellis, Dorothy

English Betts, Pamela Darlene

English, Clinton Jr.

Fantroy Davis, Bertha J.

Fantroy Haynes, Ivy Lee

Fantroy Rape, Florence

Fantroy, Gloria

Fantroy Washington, Inez

Fantroy Washington, J. Mae

Fantroy, J.L.

Fantroy, Jerry Glen

Fantroy, Leodis

Fantroy, Love B.

Fantroy-Willis, Mae Dell

Fantroy-Harper, Mattie

Fantroy, R.D.

Fantroy, Richard

Fantroy, Virginia Lewis “V. L.”

Fantroy, Washington A “W.A.”

Fantroy, Willie Pearl

Foreman, Delores

Foster, Annie M.

Gabriel Daniels, Zora Bell

Gabriel, Alton

Gabriel, Burnis

Gabriel, Dorothy

Gabriel, Ervin

Gabriel, Etherlyne Hams

Gabriel, Joe Ellis

Gabriel, Ruthie

Gabriel-Davis, Ora Bell

Garrett, Blossie

Garrett, Jim Henry

Garrett, Tommy Lee

Gatson, Aubrey

Gatson, Sandras

Gibson Fantroy, Garna Mae

Gibson, Adam

Gibson, Otho

Gillespie Beck, Celia

Gillespie, Flossie

Golden, Marva Jo

Govan, Howard Lee

Govan, Lawrence

Govan, Marvell

Grant, Jim Arthur

Grant-Hall, Gladys

Green, Arnesta Tad

Green, Curtis

Green, Douglas MacArthur

Green, James 

Hailey, Lover C.

Hargrove, Linda

Harrison, Alf "Rock"

Harrison, Jimmie Sr.

Harrison, William

Harrison, Willie Earl "Dip"

Harrison, Willie T. "Toby"

Harroll, Martes "Fats"

Hatcher Richardson, Bobbie

Hatcher, Riley

Hatcher, Wesley Jr. "Sugar Pie"

Hayes, Charles

Haynes, Clyde Elbert

Haynes, Joel Lee

Haynes, Lyndon B.

Haynes, Maurice

Hemphill, Albert R.

Hemphill, Julius, Jr

Hemphill, William Nolan

Hemphill-Banks, Channie

Henry, Clyde

Henry, Coleman

Hicks Jones, Clarence R.

High Fantroy, Ola Mae

Hugle Lark, Bertha Mae

Hunter, Adolphus

Hunter, Freddie

Hunter, Mack Alvin (So Glad)

Hunter, Teresa

Hutchinson, D. C.

Ivory, Arthur Lee

Ivory-Kelley, Linda Fay

Jackson, Donna Ruth

Jackson, Gerald

Jackson, Willie "Son"

Jackson, Willie Lee

James, Steve Allen

Jefferson, Annie

Jefferson, Clinton “Red Baby”

Jefferson, Johnny “Sonny Man”

Jefferson, Leodis

Jefferson, Maggie

Jefferson, McArthur

Jefferson, Namon "Red"

Johnson Belcher, Barbara

Johnson Canady, Devora

Johnson Cooper, Zelma Lee

Johnson, Allen Jr.

Johnson Annie Faye

Johnson, Billy Dean

Johnson, Charles C.

Johnson, Claude

Johnson, Edgar

Johnson, Edward "Chief"

Johnson Foster, Eleasie

Johnson, Eugene

Johnson, Herman James

Johnson, Hiram

Johnson, Horace Leo

Johnson, Hyman

Johnson, James

Johnson, Joel

Johnson, Lee Autry

Johnson Walker, Lee Bertha

Johnson, Luke Jr.

Johnson, Marcellous

Johnson, Rosie Pearl

Johnson, Ruth

Johnson-Lewis, Shirley Ruth

Johnson, Waymon

Johnson, Willie Larcie

Johnson, Zebedee

Johnson, Zetha Lee

Jones Ellison, Barbara

Jones, Billy Joe Sr.

Jones Waters, Earnestine

Jones, Clarence Marsh

Jones, Henry Lee

Jones, Johnnie

Jones, Shirley

Jones-Harrol, Annie Jewel

Jordan, Earnestine Titus

Jordan, Joyce

Keaton, Bonner Bault Jr.

Keaton, Edna

Keaton Calhoun, Gloria

Keeton, A. V.

Keeton Lewis, Erma Lee

Keeton, Lee Elvin

Keeton, Sylvester

Keeton, William Calvin

Kelley Bailey, Lue Ginia

Kelley Griffin, Jackie Dell

Kelly Green, Dessie Gladis

Kelly Jackson, Rosetta

Kelly, Ida Bell

Lewis Dixon, Martha

Lewis Gatson, Linda

Lewis, J M

Lewis, Joe

Lewis, Mary

Lewis, Mattie Mae

Livingston, Ausia

Livingston Echols, Delilah

Livingston Johnson, Oveta

Lucas, Clidron

Lucas Mims, Mary Ella

Mayes, Amos Jr.

Mayes Gooden, Claudia