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   Dogan Alumni Association 

    Home of the Dogan Wildcats 


The 2020 Dogan Christmas Party that was to be hosted by the Fairfield Chapter has been postponed.

The 2021 Dogan Alumni Association Reunion has been postponed.

Both events will be rescheduled at a later date.


Abrams, John Franklin "Sonny"

Abrams Whetstone, Myrtle Lean

Abrams, Rube Jr.

Anderson, Aubrey, Jr

Anderson, George R.

Anderson-McDaniel, Geneva

Andy, Charles Edward

Averhart, McKinley “Regular”

Banks-Johnson, Annie C.

Banks, Curtis

Banks, Evelyn

Banks, Grady L. Sr.

Banks, Horgese

Banks, James

Banks, Preston Lee

Banks, Raymond

Banks, Roy Lee

Banks, Waymond

Banks-Betts, Jennie F.

Barnes, Nat, Jr.

Barree, Ira Jackie

Beck Belcher, Lou Ella

Beck, June Rose

Beck, William

Beck, Willie Clyde

Bennett Mills, Margie

Bennett, Elzie D.

Bennett, James Edison

Betts, Charlie

Betts, Clarence “Bill”

Betts, Coleman “Sam"

Betts, Jesse L.

Betts Jordan, Fannie Jo

Betts, McDuffie

Betts Canady, Minnie Jo

Betts, Robert Lee “Buddy”

Betts, Robert Sr.

Betts-Williams, Delores

Blair, Edward

Bluitt, Callie M.

Bluitt-Cox, Ruby Lee

Bluitt, Shirley

Bolden, Irma Jean

Bonner Marrion, Ceatria “Polly”

Bonner Nolly, Estella

Bonner, Arthur, Jr.

Bonner, Eunice Pearl

Bonner, George Anna

Bonner, Ida Belle

Bonner, James Earl

Bonner, John

Bonner, Robert L.

Bowen, Ed

Bowens, Billy

Bowens, Charles

Bowens, Fred Douglas 

Brackens Tolliver, Carol Lee

Brackens Donahue, Myrtle

Brackens Green, Melvira

Brackens Harrison, Carol Sue

Brackens Simpkins, Lillie

Brackens Sneed, Melvina

Brackens Weathers, Olivia

Brackens, Billy George

Brackens, Connie

Brackens, Delores

Brackens, Dimple L

Brackens, Doil

Brackens, Eselma

Brackens, Frank Earl

Brackens, George Alvin “Jack”

Brackens, George Alvin “Son”

Brackens, J B Clinard

Brackens, J D Leonard

Brackens, John T. “Ronnie”

Brackens, Johnny

Brackens, Johnny Lee

Brackens Willis, Margie Nell

Brackens, Mary

Brackens, McClinton

Brackens, Ora George

Brackens, Otha Eddie

Brackens, TeEsker

Brackens, Thelma

Bracker, Carolyn

Brazzle, Vernon Jr.

Brown, Nathaniel, Sr.

Brownlow, Hattie

Brownlow, Willie

Burns Gibson, Christine

Burns, Fred Wayne

Calhoun Allen, Eula Mae

Canady, Cliff

Canady, Less

Canady, Lula Ruth

Canady, Mary

Canady, Roy Sr.

Canady, Veronica

Canady, Willie Earl

Carden, Clifford (Sonny Boy)

Carden, Hoover

Carden, Isiah

Carden, Isiah (Ike), Jr.

Carter-Barker, Bonita

Carter Haynes, Audrey Lutish

Carter Hatcher, Eula Mae

Carter, Hollis

Carter, James Davis

Carter, Modene

Carter, Nevera “Ne”, “Lil Bit”

Carter Jesse, Pearl

Carter, Timothy Jr.

Carter, Timothy Sr.

Castile, Pearlie B.

Clark, Leon

Cleveland, P.C.

Coleman, Mike

Coleman, Roger

Coleman-Shed, Pauline

Collins, H. C. Collins, Margie

Compton, H.C.

Compton, Lee

Compton, Martha

Compton Durham, Ruby Jo

Cooper, Peter

Cooper-Abrams, Helen

Cooper, Cleo “Shorty”

Cooper, Dan

Cooper, Eker Lee

Cooper Hatcher, Mary Alice

Cooper, Joe Frank

Cooper Thurman, Dora Jean

Cornish, Charlie Sr.

Cox, Bessie Mae

Cox, J C

Cox, Santa Ana “Baby Ray”

Cox, Vastime

Cox, Wade

Cunningham, Clarence L.

Daniels Moore, Ruth A.

Daniels, Carl Edward

Daniels, Claud Jr. “John”

Daniels, Ethel Vern

Daniels, Milton Howard

Daniels-Smith, Helen

Davis, Arthur

Davis Gibson, LaRuth

Davis, Freddie Clyde

Davis, Hubert

Davis, Hue

Davis, Kenneth Wayne

Davis, Matilda

Davis, Walter Lee

Davis, Wilmer

Day, Henry Lee Jr.

Day, Henry Lee Sr.

Day, Mamie

Day, R. C.

Dickens, Henry II

Donahue, Charles Austin

Donahue, Elmer

Donahue, Morris Clifford

Donahue, Willie Jr.

Donahue, Willie Sr.

Donnell, Ezell

Donnell-Pearson, Lucy